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We're always deploying new systems to customers around the world including in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. We're looking for engineers comfortable with back-end systems that want to travel to our customer sites around the world to assist with new deployments, troubleshooting field issues, and developing features that make integrating and deploying our technology to new customers easier.

What we're building

Synapse Technology provides an artificial intelligence platform for the hundreds of thousands of security checkpoints around the world, including airports, office buildings, and others. Today, screeners running checkpoints miss most threats, providing minimal security. Human operators face massive cognitive challenges and are unfortunately the only barrier that can prevent a dangerous item from getting through a checkpoint.

Our AI platform processes these X-Rays in real time to automatically detect firearms, knives and other threats. This automated screening solution reduces the reliance on human operators for screening. Our technology drives innovation into a stagnant industry, with a unique ability to have a high impact in a short amount of time on a global scale. We work closely with senior government stakeholders worldwide, and our systems are currently deployed at international airports across the world in Japan, Sweden, and other countries. To date, millions of passengers have been secured by Syntech ONE™.

The Role – Deployment Engineer

Our customers are around the world, and so the Deployment Engineer will often need to travel to set up new systems on-site or train technicians on setting up our systems. Our customers and distributors are currently located in Japan, UK, France, Netherlands, Jordan, and other far-off places (including the US!) 

Our systems are deployed on-premises and have to be configured for each customer. Effectively, we ship a small computer for each machine that we're going to be installed on. These computers, which run Linux, need to be set up and configured with all of the right software and settings necessary for that customer. The hardware also needs to be installed on-site, often with some last-minute changes and customizations.

Since the Deployment Engineer will be often setting up systems in the presence of clients, they'll need to be an ambassador of Synapse's brand and professionalism and be able to carry out basic communications and answer basic questions.


  • Hardware proficiency: Know your way around hardware and electronics setup and installation(Have you ever set up your own computer?)
  • System Admin: Be able to run basic software diagnostics (e.g. Walk me through the hardest bug that you were able to fix in a system)
  • Comfortable with Linux and navigating around the command line
  • 1-2 years experience working with different systems like postgres, redis, powershell, etc
  • Eager to learn new technologies
  • Comfortable interacting with customers on-site, and being a representative of Synapse to external parties that might be present for an installation
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Project Management skills
  • 50%+ travel


  • Individual projects:
    - Customizing your own linux
    - Arduino projects
    - IOT
  • Software Engineering skills (e.g. Python)
  • Exciting personal projects that show ability/affinity/passion for experimenting with new technologies
  • Experience in customer-facing roles

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