Forward Deployed Engineer

Palo Alto, CA


Linux, Python, DevOps, Web


$100K – $150K, 0.01% – 0.08%


Palo Alto, CA



What we're building

Synapse Technology provides an artificial intelligence platform for the hundreds of thousands of security checkpoints around the world, including airports, office buildings, and others. Today, screeners running checkpoints miss most threats, providing minimal security. Human operators face massive cognitive challenges and are unfortunately the only barrier that can prevent a dangerous item from getting through a checkpoint.

Our AI platform processes these X-Rays in real time to automatically detect firearms, knives and other threats. This automated screening solution reduces the reliance on human operators for screening. Our technology drives innovation into a stagnant industry, with a unique ability to have a high impact in a short amount of time on a global scale. We work closely with senior government stakeholders worldwide, and our systems are currently deployed at international airports across the world in Japan, Sweden, and other countries. To date, millions of passengers have been secured by Syntech ONE™.

The Role – Forward Deployed Engineer

We are seeking a product-focused engineer to help satisfy the technical demands of a global clientele—somebody to install, maintain, monitor, and debug installations across the world while providing analysis of product performance in a tight feedback loop. 

This person will interface with customers on a daily basis when deployed and will represent Synapse engineering abroad, with customers in Japan, Sweden, and other parts of the world.

We're looking for someone with a strong knowledge of Linux and back-end programming, with a further specialization in either devops OR full-stack engineering OR product engineering. Up to 60% of this engineer’s time will be spent on-site. The remaining percentage would be allocated based on the skill set of the engineer. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Managing multiple distributed computation systems currently deployed in Japan, Sweden, and the USA, and soon in other sites.
  • Gathering user feedback and translating it into engineering action items.
  • Guiding the direction of the product as motivated by real-world experiences.

Skills required:

  • Minimum 2 years experience as a Software Engineer.
  • Understanding of a complete computing stack—from the AC input power to the machine up to images displayed on a monitor.
  • Deep knowledge of Linux operating systems.
  • Python and SQL programming.
  • Remote system management.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

What we're looking for:

Ideal candidates would have a background matching one or more of the below descriptions:

  • Master DevOps or Linux SysAdmin experience in deploying and managing software across networked compute clusters.
  • Proven hardware design and drafting expertise, particularly regarding electronics enclosures and industrial compute systems.
  • Weathered backend development and system architecture skills.
  • Demonstrated intuitive UI design and implementation skillset using modern frontend development tools.
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge of security principles in deployed applications.

What would really impress us:

  • Contributions to open source projects.
  • Previous enterprise-grade work.
  • Past ownership or management of a product or major feature, particularly beginning early in its lifecycle.


  • Insurance: Coverage for employees and dependents.
    Health: 100% of the premium of Platinum PPO 20/10%/4000 OR Platinum HMO 10/10%/2700.
    Dental: 99% of CA Beam Smart Premium Select 100/100/60/50-2000.
    Vision: 99% of the premium.
  • Unlimited vacation policy.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment.

How to apply: Email with your resume and telling us a bit about yourself.

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