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Synapse Technology provides an AI platform that automatically detects, guns, knives, and other threats in security checkpoint X-ray machines. There are hundreds of thousands of security checkpoints around the world at venues like courthouses, schools, office buildings, airports, and more. Today, screeners running checkpoints miss most threats due to fundamental cognitive limitations of fatigue, distraction, and other aspects. A human working with an AI is significantly more effective.

At Synapse, we work closely with senior government stakeholders worldwide, and our systems have been deployed at international airports and critical infrastructure across the world in Japan, Sweden, the Caribbean, and other countries. To date, over 6 million bags have been secured by Syntech ONE®.

Project Manager

We are looking for a very hands-on project manager that will be taking on both high-level planning and coordination as well as several low-level tasks. The project manager’s primary responsibility is ensuring that client deliverables are on-time and on-track. This involves maintaining project roadmaps and timelines, and ensuring that the engineering and operations teams are on track and working on the right things at the right times

Aside from high-level planning, the PM would also need to tactically complete tasks when things just need to get done, like putting in orders for product components, writing up customer-facing reports, and overseeing the shipping of products by our operations team. The PM should be able to understand or get up to speed on basic aspects of our technology so as to not overlook small details like the difference between a VGA, HDMI, DVI-A, and DVI-D cable, and which cable needs to ship with which product configuration.

An example of the tasks that the PM might carry out:

  • Upon receiving purchase order, coordinating with engineering team to produce the required products that need to be delivered.
  • Coordinating ordering and timeline of product components.
  • Coordinating final assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping of product to end client.
  • Traveling to client site with forward deployed engineer for installation of product.
  • Training and support of client, while keeping the door open for future sales.
  • Repeated communication with client after the product is installed to ensure customer success.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Oversee that project plans, documentation, and roadmaps are up-to-date for particular customers.
  • Ensure customer expectations are appropriately set regarding delivery timing and product performance.
  • Proactively monitor customer orders for potential risks and delays.
  • Work with key stakeholders to ensure changes are understood and approved.
  • Work with the logistics and supply chain team to maintain a successful and efficient order fulfillment process.


  • 4+ years of experience delivering complex solutions directly with clients.
  • Superior planning and organizational development skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Obsessed with process, efficiency, and documentation.
  • An ability to weigh customer priorities and engineering priorities, and intermediate between the two.

How to impress us:

  • You’ve worked in a role that involves interfacing with customers, particularly in government or enterprise.
  • You are willing to wear different hats, even ones you were not expecting.
  • You can travel to a foreign location on short notice.
  • You have experience working in the security/defense industry.
  • You have a PMP® Certification.
  • You have experience with project management tools in large teams (e.g. Wrike, Zoho, Asana, Jira)

What this job is not:

  • Sales: The PM takes over after a purchase order is signed, and it’s the sales team’s job to upsell customers as well as set the initial expectations.
  • Product: The PM generally shouldn’t be coming up with new features, but overseeing that existing features are delivered on time and that customer expectations are appropriately set.

We’re also looking for someone aligned with the Synapse values:

  • Thoroughness: You’re incredibly detail-oriented, always seek to minimize unknown unknowns, and go above and beyond with the end result.
  • Urgency: You hold yourself accountable, maintain a strong work-ethic, and don’t allow work to expand to fill the time available
  • Proactiveness: You’re always thinking about new ways to add value, and jumping in to help others where necessary.
  • Awareness: You have a good intuition, try to stay in the loop, and are always trying to think of the consequences of any changes to a plan or new information.
  • Communication: You keep others in the loop, ruthlessly document information, and make sure everything is a documentable process.


  • Insurance: Coverage for employees and dependents.
  • Health: 100% of the premium of Platinum PPO 20/10%/4000 OR Platinum HMO 10/10%/2700.
  • Dental: 99% of CA Beam Smart Premium Select 100/100/60/50-2000.
  • Vision: 99% of the premium.
  • Unlimited vacation policy.
  • Your dream desk/work equipment setup.

To apply, email with your CV and a line about the most complex project you've ever managed.

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