Syntech ONE®

Protects your Employees

Automatic detection of:

Office Buildings

Avoid insider threats, increase security, lower costs. Let Syntech ONE automate your X-ray machines.

Real world stories

Stop real threats. Transform your X-ray machine with automated detection.

Deployed at San Jose Airport, Atlanta Airport, Seattle Airport, Kansai Airport, Narita Airport, Turks & Caicos Airport

Insider Threat Prevention

No additional certification from TSA required

Innovation Task Force

Collaboration with the TSA through the Innovation Task Force program

Syntech ONE finds threats your staff can't find on their own

Employee screening for Delta Airlines

Prohibited Item

Syntech ONE

Without Syntech ONE

Berreta 9mm Slide
9mm Ammunition
Springfield XD9

Syntech ONE adds on to new and existing X-ray machines

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