Syntech ONE®

Designed for Major Event Security

Automatic detection of:

Amusement Parks
SPorting Events

Increase security at your major event
while decreasing costs. Syntech ONE upgrades your X-ray machines to automatically detect threats at your venue.

Real world stories

You already deploy X-ray machines. Reduce those manpower costs while improving security.

Before Syntech ONE, this event would require 10 operators for 10 X-Ray machines.
Syntech ONE decreases the number of X-ray screeners. One operator can monitor multiple autonomous X-ray machines at once.

Syntech ONE finds threats your event staff can't find on their own

In recent 3rd party penetration test...

Prohibited Item

Syntech ONE

Without Syntech ONE

Berreta 9mm Slide
9mm Ammunition
Springfield XD9

Syntech ONE adds on to new and existing X-ray machines

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